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Mr. Beep, the talking car

Mr. Beep was a project initiated by the BP Oil Company in the late 50s and early 60s. Mr. Beep the talking car was used to bring traffic safety lessons to school children and he was used during public occasions like the Canadian National Exhibition, fall fairs and other public gatherings. He also visited schools and made several television appearances. Often Mr. Beep was used in conjunction with police school safety programs.

The car underneath the Mr. Beep’s facade was a small 1959 Zephyr convertible made by British Ford.

Mr. Beep was self propelled, and from 1959 to 1964 toured Ontario during the summer months giving safety lectures to school children. The lectures were broadcasted via 3 speakers concealed in the car, from a transmitter several hundred feet away. Using a microphone inĀ  Mr. Beeps hood, the children were able to ask questions which were transmitted to the operator who then replied to the questions, effectively causing the car to talk to the children.

You can see Mr. Beep’s rebirth on the History Channel TV series Canadian Restorers which will air in the fall of 2013.

Do you recall ever meeting Mr. Beep?

We’d love to hear about your encounter with Mr. Beep the talking safety car. Please use the comment box below.

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  • Dave  says:

    Interesting old advertising piece. Can’t wait till the Canadian Restorers series comes out on the History Channel

  • Paul  says:

    Is mr beep for sale love him and he is the onle one in the whole world?

  • Amanda  says:

    Where did you get this car, and how much did you pay to have it restored, Wher can we go to see it in person?

  • Alexander  says:

    I saw this car many years ago, wondered what happened to it. It’s great

  • Ethan  says:

    Is mr beep for sale or able to be rented for special occaisions, it’s cute.

  • Lori Ling  says:

    When will the program air?

  • Delanie  says:

    Is Mr. Beep completed?

  • bob benoit  says:

    Just passing the classic car restoration place in Bradford Ontario. Mr beep was parked out front getting cleaned up I assume. . :-) very cute looking car

  • Bonnie  says:

    My father owned a BP gas station and from what my brothers remember it visited the station and they remember talking to it. I own one of the Mr Beep toy cars from the 50’s that my parents kept, it’s in the BP colours of green and yellow.

  • Bob Graham  says:

    Mr. Beep visited our school (Parkdale Public) in Belleville ON between 62 and 65. Came with a local Police escort and talked to the kids outside for a bit. We had a safety contest started a few weeks before between the various classes in the school and the winning class (in this case Miss Grills’ Kindergarten class) got a small plastic toy model of Mr Beep. it was about 5″ long and I lusted after it as I was in an older grade at the time but the kindergarten kids managed to break one of the fins off him as I saw it on the window sill a few months later and was disgusted at their disregard for his well being. Often wondered what happened to him. Nice to see he is preserved.

  • Bob Kemp  says:

    I had Mr. Beep perform at my BP service centre for a special opening of our restaurant in the 60s. The children from the school next door loved him.I have the great memories and a couple of the toy replicas put away.
    It inspired me to modify a Volkswagen Bug into a safety talking car for the local police dept for their safety program. He was called ” Lionel” the talking car. “Lionel” had a big lions head on the front that moved when talking. It had a big key on the rear which turned. He performed In our Lions Club parades in many cities in Ontario.
    Like Mr.Beeb he was one of a kind.

  • Tony  says:

    Great restoration. Love to see the car in the Niagara region.

    Have 2 of the toy cars, that my dad bought me from the BP station … yellow with a black roof. The eyes are a decal and do not move. There is a bottle opener on the bottom.

  • Kate Lesher  says:

    I saw Mr. Beep at the AACA Museum in Hershey Pennsylvania. What an adorable car and a fun way to teach the importance of traffic safety! Can’t wait to see him again. :-)

    • Jeff DeWitt  says:

      I also saw it at the AACA Museum in Hershey, never heard of it before but it was cool and weird. I’ve just started watching “Restoration Garage” and was surprised to see the same car.

      Very cool!

  • Gilbert Savard  says:

    As a mechanic i work on this car in the year 1962 at B.P. service station located at the training school located corner Forest-Hill and Cote des Neiges in montreal.it was a great funny car, and the operator at this time was Hubert Desautels.

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